Code We also release code.

The Serenity Engine

The Serenity Engine is our custom adventure/point’n’click engine that we have built to go on top of the Corona SDK. We have used it for Ferris Mueller’s Day Off and every adventure game that has come after it.

Serenity was originally developed for Forever Lost: Episode 1 and Forever Lost: Episode 2 however it has been heavily upgraded since then with pretty much every sub-system having been completely rebuilt from the ground up.

Some of the features that Serenity includes are an integrated inventory system, camera and photo album, hint system, scenes, dialogue, multiple save slots, sound and music management, and many others. A lot of it is built on our GG libs that are detailed below.

We are looking into what options we have in regards to getting it in other developers hands, if you are interested in this possibility then please get in touch and signup to our newsletter.

The GG Libs



We’ve written a lot of code at Glitch and have started to turn as much as possible into separate reusable modules, we have then open-sourced them on GitHub.

If you feel the urge to support us in our endeavours then please consider purchasing one of our games and if you end up using one of the libraries please give us a shout, we’d love to see it in action!