Glitch Games
Based in Witney, Oxfordshire, UK

Founding date:
January 1, 2012


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Forever Lost: Episode 1
Ferris Mueller's Day Off
Forever Lost: Episode 3
Forever Lost: Episode 2

55 Spinners Court, Unit A3
OX28 1NH

+44 01993 779530


Glitch Games is an English independent video game studio made up of Simon Pearce and Graham Ranson.


Early history

Glitch Games was founded in early 2012 by Simon Pearce and Graham Ranson, Simon was fresh out of University and full of hope and ambition whereas Graham, having graduated a couple of years prior, had lost all desire to work in the 'games industry' proper. They decided to combine this counter-productive mix of optimism and pessimism with their joint desire to 'not get a real job' to form, what they knew at the time, the greatest independant video game studio ever. Years later they would discover that this was foolish and would instead have to settle for 17th best.

Forever Lost

Struggling through the first couple of months working on a selection of children's education apps for iOS and Android to no success they decided to work on a more adult-orientated adventure game, after having won a 48hr game jam with The Hauntening. After 8 months of work they finally released Forever Lost: Episode 1 to a small fanfare. It went on to be their biggest success at the time, selling well in excess of their previous best seller which had, as far as they could tell, approimately 50 downloads.


Having released Forever Lost: Episode 2 to even greater reviews the Glitch team realised that the adventure genre was really where the company belonged and have now been fully focused on creating the best mobile adventure games the stores have ever seen.



Forever Lost: Episode 3 YouTube

Forever Lost: Episode 2 YouTube

Forever Lost: Episode 1 YouTube

Cabin Escape: Alice's Story YouTube

Ferris Mueller's Day Off YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

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    Simon Pearce
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